Services available for a diverse clientele

Food services

Services available for a diverse clientele

Restaurant Industry

Thanks to the variety of choices we offer, you can provide your customers with a diverse menu of high-quality soups.


Enhance what you offer to your customers with our tasty soups that appeal to even the most refined palates. 


Choose from our selection of products and customize your orders to fit your current needs.

Food Distributers

With us you can opt for customizable services and a variety of sizes for all our soups.

Retirement Homes

With our services, you can offer comforting soups to the elders at your retirement home.

A customizable service catered to your needs

The Soupesoup team offers an efficient service that can be adapted to the real needs of our customers, from required sizes to recurring orders. 

Our simple and effective approach allows us to:

  • Target the real needs of our customers by offering them a format catered to their operation
  • Prepare different orders in various formats and flavors based on your supply needs and menu changes
  • Offer a variety of portion options (individual, group, etc.)
  • Quickly process your orders

Sizes according to your needs

300ml 600ml 625ml 1 liter 4 liters 20 liters